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MicroMol offers to its customers a professionally equipped lab platform comprising a:

  • Microbiological Laboratory including a Lab for Bacteriophage Analytics (Biosafety Level 2)
  • Immunological Section comprising a Tissue Culture Lab and a Lab for Immune Anayltics (Biosafety Level 2)
  • Lab for Molecular Analytics including a PCR unit and a Lab for specialized Protein and DNA Analytics  (Biosafety level 2)

In detail these Labs are equipped with a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art technology such as

  • Merck Guava Flow Cytometer
  • Real time PCR station (Applied Biosystems / Illumina)
  • ELISpot unit (AID iSpot for colorimetric and fluorescense detection)
  • ELISA work station (Berthold Tristat LB 941 for colorimetric, fluorescense / chemiluminescense based detection)
  • Western Blotting Unit
  • Fluorescense Microscopy / Photographie (LEICA)
  • Chromatographie Unit (affinity, size exclusion, ion Exchange)
  • Anaerobic Environmental Chamber (Bactron)

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